Cape Jungle Kids Quality Control

We take utmost pride in our work and guarantee our work for 2 years. Therefore we only work with the best products on the market. We are in partnerships with property developers, landscapers, physiotherapists and


to deliver you the best possible product to enhance your garden and childs developments. We are green and love nature! So we only use


that is renewable and led free / safe paints. So let us design a structure to enhance your garden by incorporating it.
We use only the best so if we build for your home or for a

municipal park

, it's of the same quality and we only use poles that are CCA (Copper Chrome Arsenic) treated and carries the SABS stamp of approval. CCA treated wood has a lifespan of 35 years where it makes contact with the ground so your grand children should still be able to play on this jungle gym.
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Our supplier source

pine poles



from trees, which are grown in sustainable, well-managed forest plantations. All our products are sanded to limit the possibility for any splinters.
Only led-free environmentally safe products are used to paint or coat our


. We do not use other cheap wax products that some of our competitors use that will fade and stain your Childs clothes. All our products are coated (on the outside) as pure cosmetic approach for a better looking product.
Fasteners & Fixings:
We only use galvanized nails, bolts, chains and pipes so that you are guaranteed, that even living by the coast, it will not rust. We counter sink all coach screws so there are no edges sticking out that could hook on clothes or pose a danger. Nails are ring shank so they don't pull out.